art direction & illustration biology

60 lessons across 3 levels
over 1500 illustrations
content artwork, icons, interactive infographics,
characters, interactive experiments

Design and illustration team
Art direction of illustration: Evgenia Barinova
Head of Design: Polina Filippova
Design direction: Alexey Sebyakin

Leading illustrator: Maria Varazi
Illustration team: Ekaterina Tagirova, Alexey Grabilin
Animator: Anastasia Khasanshina, Philip Dobuzhinskiy
Logotype lettering: tbc
Biology course was the first ones that my team started to work with.
Scientific illustration is a tough subject – how do we stay true to our ideas on beatifully designed images but also communicate reality rather than fiction? How do we ensure the student receives knowlege as quickly as possible and doesn’t get distracted by anything?
Through working with content illustration for biology the general apporach to illustration emerged – we introduced a consistent outline, palette and approaches with perspective to ensure maximum legibility.
Infographics, especially when animated, really helped us communicate the hidden internal processes.