Art direction

2020–2023 held the position of the art director of illustration in Uchi.ru high school department (5-11) under design direction of Polina Filippova.  

Interactive courses: 
Over 350 lessons across 7 subjects: 
biology, physics, chemistry, geography, literature, sociology and history.
Over 10,000 content illustrations across all courses: icons, infographics, interactive experiments,
maps, animations, characters, narratives and comics.

Workbook: online workbook covering all primary high school subjects and themes. This project included developing a character universe for English and for the workbook itself.

Visual communication: in collaboration with design team developed guidelines for product illustration and marketing communication.

Team: managing, supervising and caring for a team of up to 20 illustrators at times, ensuring clear communication, feedback and encouragement, effective and friendly work processes, individual growth and a happy enthusiastic team, producing best quality work to their maximum artistic potential.

Updated and developed matrix of  skills and competences, introduced team guideleines, routines, communication etiquette guides.

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Evgenia Barinova
Art director and educator specialising in illustration and communication design. Illustrators’ rights activist, co-founder of slonvboa.ru magazine. 
Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

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