Services offered

Project and team management, creative direction
– project planning and budgeting
– advising on budgeting/timing/artists
– project planning within a fixed budget
– sourcing and managing artists/a team of artists
– developing and formulating a brief
– contracting and negotiating terms 
– managing the workload and production 
– overseeing production creatively – from ideas to execution 
– overseeing systematic solutions in the long term 
(guidelines/variations/optimising production)
– providing thorough feedback to the artist/team
– designing guides/instructions/manuals for work processes and communication
– developing assessment criteria for professional growth 

Hourly rate: from 50$/h

Group workshops and lectures– designing and delivering professional workshops and lectures tailored to the illustration/design team’s needs
– planning workshops based on the team workload
– reviewing work and providing thorough feedback

Hourly rate: from 50$/h

Course planning and teaching– designing a short/longterm study programme based on specified learning outcomes 
– specifiying learning outcomes based on the context and students needs 
– writing creative briefs, designing workshops and creative practices to achieve learning goals 
– delivering teaching, supporting students in the process 
– providing thorough and clear feedback, identifying learning needs, successes and weaknesses 
– assessing coursework formatively and summatively, providing feedback and grading
– identifying and managing facilities and resourcing required for successful learning

Hourly rate: from 50$/h

Illustration– producing artwork to the given brief requirements
– support with putting together a brief based on the project needs 
– providing a variety options for visual solutions within the design
– consulting on timing/pricing/copyright 
– contracting  

Pricing depends on the brief specifications and licencing requirements. 

Download brief template (RU)
Download brief template (ENG)

Evgenia Barinova
Art director and educator specialising in illustration and communication design. Illustrators’ rights activist, co-founder of magazine. 
Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

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