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3139 articles across all levels and subjects covering maths, russian, english, information technology, chemistry, physics, geography, literature, history, sociology

over 50,000 illustrations
infographics, schemes, icons, characters, maps, characters etc.

Head of Design: Polina Filippova
Design direction: Viacheslav Novoseltsev
Art direction of illustration: Evgenia Barinova
Operational manager: Ekaterina Tagirova

Leading illustrators
Maths, history maps:  Evgenia Barinova
Infographics and maps: Ekaterina Tagirova, Alexandra Dokukina, Dmitry Zubenko
Characters: Dinara Galieva
Chemistry and Physics:
Lev Polyakov

Biology: Maria Varazi
Geography: Alexandra Dokukina
Fiction: Alexandra Khalbaeva

Illustration team
Dmitry Zubenko
Polina Kuravina
Ksenia Zdorovets
Alexandra Nazarova
Daria Bayandina
Workbook illustration solutions had to go hand in hand with existing courses, be quick and easy to produce in large amounts and work well in the longread format of the articles. We were also aiming to be able to reuse with minimum adjustments the large amounts of illustrations that have already been produced for the courses.  

Illustration guide for the workbook was based primarily on the solutions developed for the Biology course – with black 1pt outline, a specified palette and harmony rules to cover all subjects, and particular consistent rules on the use of perspective and backgrounds. 

Within workbook we introduced a few more optimisation processes with various templates and a database of assets. A few bigger projects had to be introduced within the Workbook – Maths, English, Literature and History. 

Maths didn’t exist within Interactive courses so it had to be invented from scratch, ensuring clarity, consistency and use of typography within the subject. We opted for bolder solutions with colours and accents to ensure that each illustration is recognisable and relatable to the brand. 

English within the workbook included a separate project on crating a universe of characters to help communicate knowlege narratively. This also lead to developing a consistent universe of characters througnout the whole of the workbook. Both were developed and lead by Dinara Galieva.

A separate solution was also introduced for Literature as there was now a need for more detailed realistic (in proportion and perspective) depictions of scenes and characters from books in the articles. Literature was taken on by Alexandra Khalbaeva who successfully managed to continue the outline approach but intoduced a more realistic depiction of figures and spaces. 
Hisotory required a different approach to maps to create a unique solution that would ensure clarity and effective communication within a digital product. Maps are a complex infographic and in general are meant to be viewed at large scale, especially maps of long-term battles that show an extended time-frame within one graphic representation. It was a complex and challanging task that had to be resolved within an existing budget and producton time-frame. At that point we opted for a straightforward graphic solution working with clear iconography, design of shapes and brand colour palette. All the maps within the course are consistent, clear and fun to engage with. 

Evgenia Barinova
Art director and educator specialising in illustration and communication design. Illustrators’ rights activist, co-founder of magazine. 
Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

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