vis-comm kit

Head of Design: Polina Filippova
Design direction: Viacheslav Novoseltsev
Art direction of illustration: Evgenia Barinova

Leading illustrator: Aleksandra Khalbaeva
Supporting illustrator: Aleksandra Dokukina
The project came out of the need to unify visual communication within the middle-high school department. The communication in question is aimed at three audiences – children, their parents and teachers, and we wanted to ensure that our visuals are attractive and clear to all three.

We also wanted to ensure that the actual content illustrations could be used within all communication – to link the products themselves with how we talk about them through banners and mail-outs. 

The result of this work is bright flat colour backgrounds with contrasting buttons, with either realistic or flat ‘sticker’-like illustrations in place.   
This simple yet effective approach help give middle and high school its own unique voice and unify different styles of illustrations together.

Evgenia Barinova
Art director and educator specialising in illustration and communication design. Illustrators’ rights activist, co-founder of magazine. 
Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

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